Catherine Holtzhausen

Custom Commission

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Book an Original Custom Artwork by Catherine Holtzhausen.

Each artwork is made up of hand painted papers which are hand cut using fine scissors and put together using archival quality glues. Each artwork is completely original and no copies of the artwork are available.

Artworks vary in dimension depending on your order but are generally around 290 X 330mm (with exception for the single person portraits which are 210 X 297mm and the much larger commissions of 5 people or more will be on a larger canvas)


Book your custom artwork with the booking Calendar.

The booking date selected indicates the date I will start working on the piece. The artwork will take one week to complete (with exception to the much larger custom orders with 5 or more people)

Once selected you will be prompted to answer some questions to ensure every little detail is included in your custom piece. From there I will be in contact with you to confirm all the final details and get any reference photos I will need from you via email. 


Please note pricing excludes framing, if you wish for me to frame your custom piece I will organize a quote for you based on your framing preferences.


Custom Artworks are priced according to detail. I have broken them down to frequent requests below.

Should you wish to order something that varies from these options feel free to contact me directly via email