The Strydoms

Fred, Tharien and Sias Strydom

The Strydoms celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary this year. Adding a Catherine Holtzhausen piece to their tradition of an annual family portrait made by a different artist each year. 

This year was their first as a family of 3


The Strydoms - Custom Family Portrait by Catherine Holtzhausen



Fred’s trademark is to make Tharien laugh, and the two describe themselves as not too serious about life. They love relaxing on the couch, catching up on series and all the greenery.

The Strydoms - Custom Family Portrait - Catherine Holtzhausen

The artwork also features the designer planters that Tharien designs for her company Swagger Collective. 



The strydoms - Swagger Collective Planter - Catherine Holtzhausen

You can shop her beautiful planters here: