Commemorating the adventures and travels of the de Almeida's.The artwork depicts a Vietnamese flower vendor and their splendid array of flowers, each holding a memory for the de Almeida's.

Botanical illustration - Catherine Holtzhausen

First are the purple Jacaranda flowers and Strelitzias which symbolize when Candice met her husband  at the University of Pretoria and fell in love in streets lined by Jacaranda trees. 

Strelitzia - Catherine Holtzhausen

They later vacationed in Hoi An where they fell in love with Jungles of Vietnam which is captured by the abundance of Palms.

The couple now lives in Secunda, South Africa which is represented by the light pink cosmos which are found in giant fields across the Mpumalanga. 

Cosmos flower - Catherine Holtzhausen

And lastly there are a few touches of Carnations, Lisianthus, Veronicas and Kol Kol which were the couples wedding flowers. 

Together this little bicycle captures several years of joy and love for the de Almeidas.


Vietnam Flower Vendor Bicycle - Catherine Holtzhausen