Dewet and Michael

Dewet and Michael are incredibly close and share pretty much everything. They love sitting in the street, drinking wine and indulging in pavement culture. 
Dewet decided to surprise Michael with a custom artwork of the two of them sitting in a bistro scene, surrounded by plants, wine and their beloved cats.  
Dewet and Michael - French Bistro - Cat - Catherine Holtzhausen
Michaels' interests vary from gadgets and motorbikes to island holidays, fiddle leaf figs and vino. But most of all he loves his three adopted cats, Tommy, Lucy and  Poppedops. 
Dewet and Michael Couple Portrait French Bistro
Dewet also gravitates towards plants, wine and travel. He loves art and fashion and getting dressed up. His guardian angel comes to him in the form of butterflies and he wanted this included in their sentimental artwork.
Dewet - French Bistro - Guardian Angel Butterfly - Catherine Holtzhausen